Like we ingest food, we ingest images…we embed them into our minds. Yet many of us don’t realise that when we embed images into our minds they become energy sources that have the ability to affect our physical world.

Sounds crazy, but if we stand and watch a river – we become more “river like’. Our neurons wire in response to what we focus on – so it seems that what we pay attention to, literally shapes our brain.

So perhaps we should all practice the art of paying more attention. Attention is about taking time to discover and explore what and who is around us – it is not about rushing to judgement or trying to change something. It is about welcoming the detail of the present, it is about fully engaging in the moment.

I have discovered that whatever I pay attention to is what will grow. If we like a flower we pick it, if we love a flower we water it. So give life the kiss of attention as you would a lover.

Attention is patient and attention is kind. Ultimately attention is what connects us in relationships and as a society. Attention is vitality… it keeps us passionate and eager for living and loving.

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