I forgave you.

I held your hand,
– you couldn’t find peace.
you gasped…
you clung to your breath,
until we both choked upon it.

When you finally let go
I allowed my suffering to
be your companion.

This memory is a gift
– never again,
will darkness swallow me
from behind.

As death took your hand
It wasn’t right,
but I was the one
who found peace… x

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Dear Wounds

You were my most intimate relationship, so it is not surprising that every now and then I see things and feel things that remind me of you. We were friends you and I – like an old sock and an old shoe. It was a long time ago. I remember you protected me as only wounds can. Eventually I realised that whilst you were the perfect place to hide…with great stealth you stole from me all my primary colors. That is what wounds do over time.

I still recall the day I let you go. You were my constant where none had ever been before. Today I wear you as my invisible tattoo… a reminder of the past, of the pain and also of the healing that has taken place.
You have made me stronger, softer and more willing to be a relentless advocate for all that is good in this world. All that is good in my world. You have also taught me to accept life and the challenges it throws me.

Today I feel like I could fly and my world, though far from perfect makes me smile. It is filled with amazing people and delicious moments. So I thank you for the gift of helping me to grow and the gift of learning that scars only form while we are living. My only desire is to live a life where I die being forgiven and forgiving.

I want you to know I remember you fondly. Whilst you and I both know suffering beyond words, long ago I moved on to a better place – a place I can’t be pulled back from.

There is no going back since I opened the door to feel the earth and the wind…

Avec la paix
Lisa Fro x

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When darkness comes,
the stars bleed into me
and together we fill
the holes in the sky.

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