Once again late night pondering…

what if everything was taken away from us – what would be left? 

Our jobs, our looks, our money and our possessions are society’s way of defining us – yet they are merely a facade that projects a distorted reality. What lies behind and beneath is our true essence.

Our mind, our heart, our spirit, our generosity, our integrity and kindness…our sense of humour, our love… when everything is stripped away these are the things we are left with. These are the things that matter. Quite simply, what is left, is what is inside us and what is inside the people we love. 

The pace of life makes it easy to lose the ability to recognise the things that really matter – the things worth fighting for. Yet at the end of the day and at the end of our lives, these will have been the things that kept our souls warm. 

If we are going to swim against the tide it must be for the right things… Life can toss us some pretty rough seas and it can be easy to sit on the couch of passivity. It takes real commitment, communication and energy to fight hard for those things that matter.

Personally it can sometimes be confronting and painful and I may not always get it right, but I do know that I am giving it my best shot.

In order to live a wholehearted life we must have the willingness to get down and dirty, in knowing our own nakedness and being open to sharing it with the people we love.

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Life is a roller coaster, I am finally familiar with that now. I had a day yesterday where once I again I was reminded of the fragility of this life we have been given. Being aware of how brief our life and the lives of those we love, is actually an act of optimism. I am a work in progress, but I do my best to savour my moments and cherish the people I love and are coming to love.

Tonight, I could see a family weaving themselves back together. For me, it was the most incredible gift to see such a beautiful and deserving man in a space where I could literally feel his heart coming home.

I never want to die having left anything unsaid.
So I will say – I am filled with gratitude for this mans happiness and for being invited into his life. He tickles my brain and my heart and brings delicious warmth to my days… I have a suitcase full of blessings!

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Happiness is nature’s way of letting us know, that we are acting in tune with what is best for us. It’s not rocket science.

When our bodies, minds and souls are in sync – joy is the natural by product. It is not something you can search for – or buy, or acquire like a new pair of Nike’s.

I think perhaps we are conditioned to press harder when things don’t come together the way we would like. I fear that as a society we are in danger of choking on our own regurgitated idealism. Many of us are so busy keeping score and measuring where we are on the bar graph of life… we miss the moments of joy.

Pushing to make things fit our preconceived perception can be so ingrained in us, that we don’t even realise that we haven’t taken time to step back. We haven’t allowed ourselves time to take an unburdened breath. We haven’t allowed ourselves to actually feel what it is, that makes us feel light.

Sometimes it is necessary to stop and stand still… open our palms and loosen our grip a little – let the chips fall where they may … even if they make a mess on the floor. I have found, that even on the messiest floor days, if I step back, I will find there are snippets of things to be grateful for…. always.

The thing is, joy is not a product on a shelf. It comes from acting in tune with what makes you feel light inside and what makes you feel whole – it is about paying attention to you and embracing that.

That is when you discover that joy just slips in!

(thank you S for the inspiration) 

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It’s very late and I am weary. I have spent a long evening philosophising with a friend and I also have a funeral to attend tomorrow.

It gets me to pondering…more than I usually do, which is a lot. Kind of ironic, because when I am not pondering I am being very mindful of what I am doing and where I am in connection with the universe. It is a process that increases my gratitude. Although sometimes I do feel as if I am both ends of the magnet, attracting and repelling… myself. Maybe we all feel like that. Or maybe I just feel too much.

Anyway, I guess I am considering life…. Well, life is not short….it really is the longest thing we will ever have. So for me it is the base line to measure all things.
The reality is, unkind people die, mean people die and hurtful people die, and even good people die. I do know that at the end of the day, they were all just people doing the best that they could, with the resources they had available at the time.

Nature and nurture has affected us all, so we shouldn’t be surprised that we are all a little frayed around the edges. When I apply that principle to people who have hurt me, compassion comes more easily. It makes letting go and moving forward easier. 

After all, we should only ever look behind, to see how far we have come. Perhaps it is time we cut each other some slack and realise that every one of us is born with a pure heart. At our core we all possess a fragility that should not divide but should connect us.

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