There is an old Indian saying “He who cannot dance, claims the floor is uneven”.

I guess in some way we all justify our thoughts to make them fit our point of view. Yet I feel that when we do so, our thought patterns can unconsciously condition our perception. Fundamentally it is hard to step out of sticky patterns whether they be out of fear or judgment or pre-conceptions. The fact is, our thoughts colour our actions… they become repetitious. I think it is just what thoughts do, they circle around us like a noose.  When they do the judging mind begins to predominate and permeate everything we do and feel.  Yet if we get the opportunity to step away and examine our thought stream with mindfulness we can hear the familiar inner soundtrack and acknowledge it. I have discovered if I sit with myself and my thoughts and look for moments of stillness I can begin to step outside them. It is important to remember that in reality our energy can contribute or deplete another’s.  

It does not matter where we are, we can always take a deep breath and rest in our own awareness. That is when we begin to see that our thoughts, our worries and our fears are really only a small part of something much larger – something much bigger than us as individuals. Life will always be complicated, yet with practice and commitment we can all find new ways of seeing. Our lives will always be independent – yet interdependent.  The key is to let each situation be what it is and not what we think it should be…

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